While growing up in rural Pennsylvania in the early 80’s, Peter Nevins discovered he had a natural ability to draw and transform images in his mind to pen and paper. His abstract pieces were often random and complex in nature, with many sharp angles and contrasting shadows, creating a visual feast. After Pete’s academic studies, he joined the US Navy where his passion for drawing continued. He created many military murals and was given the honor of designing a squadron decommissioning patch. He continued to pursue the arts, developing his own style and technique for drawing animals, trees, and people that gave them a truly lifelike feel. Being a nature lover, he began to transform local wildlife into his stunning works on display now. His love for birds of prey in particular is evident in the extraordinary and visually appealing three-dimensional effects in the eyes and textures of his pieces that is unrivaled. Pete lives in Centreville with his wife and children and creates his work in their home art studio.